Our Services

The Lutheran Living Centers in Twin Valley and Halstad, Minnesota provide quality skilled nursing care and physical therapy along with other services to meet residents’ social, psychological and spiritual needs. Close relationships develop between those who live here and those who work here. We provide state of the art of care combined with the personal attention only a smaller community can provide.

The Living Centers are part of Lutheran Homes, a non-profit organization directed by a consortium of area Lutheran Churches for more than 50 years.

Having choices reflects the way of life at the Living Centers. Residents direct their care and are encouraged to maintain individual interests and lifestyles.

Program options are available each day for those who wish to participate. A variety of groups meet for educational discussion, reminiscing, exercise, socialization and recreation. Individuals are also encouraged to participate in their own leisure time activity: reading, television, and visiting with family, friends and staff. Family remains an important part of a person’s life at the Living Centers. Family members are encouraged to take part in programs with residents and remain active as a family.

Resident Councils provide all residents with the opportunity to give their input on matters affecting life at the Living Center. The Councils are a sounding board for resident concerns and matters of interest. They also sponsor and support special projects, as well as group outings. Beautiful chapels and regularly scheduled worship services are available to meet the spiritual needs of residents in both Twin Valley and Halstad.

Therapy Care
Licensed physical, occupational and speech therapy services are available to assist residents in attaining and maintaining maximum physical independence and comfort. Emphasis is placed on an individuals’ strengths and abilities. These services are a major reason a large number of residents return to their homes or other independent living situation.

Memory Care
Our Twin Valley facility has a special memory care program and setting for residents with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments. This unit provides a safe and comfortable environment specifically designed to meet the unique needs of those requiring memory care services. The staff who provide for these residents’ needs receive special training and assist in developing individualized care plans.

Health Care
Both our Twin Valley and Halstad Living Centers provide on-site health care with Sanford Health locations attached to each facility. This allows us to provide coordinated and immediate care to our residents whenever the need arises.

Nutritious and appealing meals are served. Menus are designed by a registered dietitian, with the resident in mind. Therapeutic diets and menu choices are provided according to the individual needs of each person.

Above all, care is provided by conscientious and trained individuals committed to creating and maintaining environments that are not only great places to live, but also to work and visit. We invite you to ask us questions or, better yet, stop in and see for yourself why we think the Living Centers of Halstad and Twin Valley provide better care settings than those you might find in other communities or in larger cities.